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For over 20 years we are specialized in French lithographic. Mainly Ecole de Paris artprints, printed in famous ateliers as Mourlot, Clot and Desjobert.


Photographers and Wedding Workflows with Sleeklens

  • Using products from Sleeklens for your photo editing
  • Emulating the style of a photographer using Sleeklens products
  • Making your wedding photos more artsy and sophisticated through the suggestions of these wedding workflows

If you happen to encounter a photographer using Sleeklens wedding workflow, you might be surprised that most of his work is considered classics, even by seasoned photographers.


A photographer using Sleeklens wedding workflow is a rare breed in photography, but it is something that neophytes should emulate. Sleeklens offers only the best tools for your photo editing, so these photographers, needless to say, are churning out quality photos at all times.

These are photographers that you need to follow. They are sophisticated, in the first place, but still retain that personable quality in them. They are only sophisticated because they are capable of enhancing photos that bespeaks of class and designs that perk up the imagination of their viewers.

You can be that type of photographer, too, that is, if you use these Sleeklens products from now on, because a photographer using Sleeklens wedding workflow has only one thing in mind, to develop and enhance photos that would generate a lot of followers for social media and website users and clients for those who maintain a photography business. Talk about hitting two potential wedding clients with just a single workflow.

You would notice that a photographer using Sleeklens wedding workflow understands what type of motif to use for a particular wedding event. It is not enough that you use the right tools; you should also consider the procedure or the proper way of doing it.

That is the virtue that a photographer using Sleeklens wedding workflow tries to perpetuate. And if you are wise enough as a budding photographer, you will definitely follow his lead, leading to that photography success. More of these wedding workflows at

Tips for Cleaning Your Lenses

  • Introduction about photography
  • Cleaning lenses
  • Other tips

There isn’t any more creative industry today than photography. This field requires a certain set of skills and talent in order to excel. Of course, just like any other field, it requires a certain set of equipment as well to achieve good results. You will need a good camera, a set of lenses that will require you to shoot a specific way and other accessories as well. It might be an expensive start, but once you maximize the capabilities of your gear, you will find it very rewarding. Think of it as an investment. That is why you need to take proper care of it.

Here are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your lenses.

  • Use a UV filter to protect your lenses from smudges and scratches.
  • Invest in a good lens cleaning fluid. Don’t skimp out on the cleaning materials. Make sure you got the best ones. It’s much more expensive to buy new lenses than cleaning fluid right?
  • Lens tissues. Yes there is such a thing as lens tissues. They’re smoother than facial tissues and are much safer to use when cleaning lenses.
  • If you prefer a much more permanent alternative to lens tissues, use a microfiber cloth. It’s a much cheaper option too!
  • This can be a life saver, especially when there are larger pieces of dust or grit stuck in your lens. It’s not advisable to wipe it right away as it might scratch your lens. Use a blower instead before wiping your lens.
  • Silica gel. This is really a good tip. Place a couple of silica gel at the bottom of your camera bag to keep it moisture free. Just make sure to replace them maybe several months or so.

These are just some of the helpful tips that you can get from There are plenty of other resources like reviews, tutorials and other useful articles that you can find from that site. was made by a photographer for photographers so you will be guaranteed that it’s for your best interest when you use it.

The Impact of Having Quadcopter

  • Making a difference to your photos through the use of Quadcopter
  • Easy installation of Lightroom presets for your photo editing
  • Professional-looking photos out of using Quadcopter

You might not notice it, but these apps mean so much to your photo editing. They are so valuable because they allow you to make enhancements in so short a time, without even altering its original images. These apps, nonetheless, are necessary tools for you to keep tabs with what’s latest in photography.


That’s exactly the concept of Lightroom and their collection of presets and brushes for your photos. Lightroom takes away the laborious aspect of editing your photos as it introduces its ever reliable presets. These are tools for you to incorporate as soon as you start editing your images.

See more quadcopter here, though, is quite easy. In fact, there’s even a video tutorial for that, so you can watch and follow the procedure the right way. The moment you have installed these tools, then you’re on your way for that complete photography makeover.

Installing Lightroom presets, too, means that you are making ways to produce a lot of images in the process. Since it only takes a few minutes to install this app, you have more time to create and experiment with these tools. That is quite an upgrade, especially if you’re maintaining a photography business.

Get these Lightroom presets right now. Make improvements with your photos by installing Lightroom presets, and make some experiments with your desired effect. Enough with posting mediocre images on a website or social media page, you can present your photos in a cool, professional manner with Lightroom.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. How much more if you can enhance it with Lightroom? Imagine the effect it would create to your viewers, and it all started by installing Lightroom presets right from the start.

The Truth About Lightroom  and Lightroom presets

  • Lightroom 5 is a life saver
  • Three things you need to know about Adobe Lightroom presets
  • Lightroom can transform photos

Every photographer who has Lightroom 5 knows how much of a lifesaver it is. The amount of time that would normally take you to edit 30 photos can now be cut down to half or a quarter with the right preset. But other than the fact that it is a super software made by angels, there are other things you need to know about presets for Lightroom 5.


  1. They’re not for all photos

Yep, that’s hard truth. There is not a single elaborate Lightroom preset that can consistently perfectly compliment all types of photos, so adjustments must be done if you want to apply a single preset for all photos.

  1. There aren’t many options on Torrent

Hate to break to you folks, but if you’re into downloading things on Torrent, there wouldn’t be much of presets for Lightroom 5 that you’ll find on Torrent sites. But hey, why do you have to pirate presets when you can just download them for free? Do a quick “Lightroom presets free” search and you’ll find links for websites that offer free Lightroom 5 presets. You’re welcome.

  1. Lightroom requires training

Downloading presets for Lightroom 5 is not enough to turn simple photos into majestic pieces. It requires knowledge and skills too. Fortunately, even without the proper training on Adobe Lightroom, it is possible to make good edits on Lightroom by way of free tutorials that you can find online.

Overall, Lightroom may be a little scary at first, but many would agree that it is an amazing software that can add that “oomph” factor on photos. With the right tools and presets, it is now possible to make a beautiful collection of photos through Adobe Lightroom.

The Best Free & Paid Presets from Lightroom Fanatic

  • Offering a complete package of enhancing such photos with Lightroom Fanatic
  • A collection of the best free and paid presets only in Lightroom Fanatic
  • Easy workflow for the enhancement of your pictures

There’s a lot of photo enhancing solutions online. So many of them that photographers at times find it hard to choose which among them will serve best with their photos. But there is one photo online shop that photographers and even designers should consider, and that is Lightroom Fanatic.


Lightroom Fanatic offers a complete package when it comes to the enhancement of your top action cameras photos. Aside from its long list of presets, it also has a collection of brushes for those detailed enhancements. You can check their best free and paid Adobe Lightroom presets in here:

You need not go further on the web for the development and enhancement of your photos, Lightroom Fanatic is already laying all the cards for you, all the tools that you need to have that specific effect you have in mind. For more of these presets, though, click this link:

With more than 100 presets for landscapes alone, that tells you why you can create tons of effects that your viewers will love. It is easy to see why more and more photographers are digging Lightroom Fanatic as their destination online every time they want a particular effect on their photos. You can view these landscape presets in here:

Because Lightroom has its workflow system, even ordinary users and easily follow the steps on how to enhance their respective photos. Lightroom Fanatic, nonetheless, has its HDR workflow, where you can make distinctive enhancements with color and contrast of your photos. Don’t let this workflow pass you up; you can check them out in here:

It also offers brushes for those minute details that hard to edit with ordinary photo editing solutions. These brushes enable you to improve certain lines on your photo images, and even increase the luminosity of these images to make it more lifelike. These Lightroom Fanatic brushes can be viewed through this link: <>.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Lightroom Fanatic now and experience photo editing at its best.

The Range of Photoshop HDR Actions

  • Photo editing tools that enhance the tone of your photos
  • A collection of cool and easy to handle HDR actions from Photoshop
  • Putting “drama” on photo images with Photoshop actions

High dynamic range (HDR) is a photography term used by photographers when they want to intensify the tonal quality of their photos. If, in literature, writers use tone to dramatize further a situation in a story, photographers, on the other hand, employ HDR effects to dramatize equally a photo image.

That same effect is what Photoshop actions wanted you to have with your photos, courtesy of its Photoshop HDR actions. These actions enhance the lighting procedure of your photo, managing its exposure for you to create that desired, and oftentimes appropriate, effect on your photo.

These Photoshop HDR actions, moreover, increase the range of your photo, meaning it is capable of deepening its aura so that viewers have that almost lifelike representation of an object, place or person.

Photoshop HDR actions often work with light. You can either filter less light that passes through your pictures or filter more light to it. You can also apply gradual blending of such light. Oftentimes photographers you this to provide contrast or comparison in their photos.

It is important to note that as a photographer the density of such light should be managed. And you can only do this with Photoshop HDR actions. You will be able to appreciate best how to handle the usual components of photography with foreground, middle ground and background if you have this understanding of how HDR actions can be of use to your photos.

In fact, there’s a 32-bit HDR file in Photoshop that you can experiment with for your portraits, landscapes and what have you. So this Photoshop HDR action is your total photo editing solution at any given day.

That tone, which is an integral part of your photo, you wanted to have can be made possible with these Photoshop HDR actions. And that the idea of tonal hierarchy and image contrast is now part of your routine when editing your photos. What a privilege it would be if we can have these HDR actions with us.

That’s more like giving your photo image that appropriate attitude to its viewers.

Cutting Edge Presets from Lightrooms 4 to 6

  • 3 unique and cool photos available with Lightrooms 4-6
  • Lightroom preset that creates stunning, sexy photo images
  • Presets at a relatively low price but with quality output

Since Lightroom came into the photography scene, it has released a series of Lightrooms (4 to 6) with specific presets in it. This allows photographers and designers to choose from a wide variety of presets to use for their pictures. Every series, though, has its own unique features, ranging from color enhancements to texture editing, just to bring out the beauty of that photo image.


A long list of Lightroom presets that works in LR 4-6 is available online, stylized presets that enhance your photos in a professional way. Let us take a quick glimpse of these presets though, and see how they can fit in with our photos.

  • “Portrait Color Clean Up” – This is a cool preset available with Lightrooms 4-6 (GrDezign). It cleans up everything, making your photos look neat (no unnecessary lines too) with just one click. And you can get this preset at a relatively cheap price.
  • “Film35” – “Film35” is a collection of unique presets for your portrait needs, compatible with Lightroom 4 & 5. This preset creates diverse effects on your portraits while experimenting with different types of shade and color.
  • “Risqué-V1” – If you want something sexy with your photographs, then this is the preset for you. This preset offers a subtle way of presenting your photos with that luscious effect, similar to those photos found in fashion magazines.
  • “Azalea Lightroom Portrait Presets” – You can also try Azalea’s collection of presets for portraits. A collection of presets that enhances your photos in a smooth, subtle way through color composition and that mild-mannered use of light.

These, and a host of others, are some of the best Lightroom presets that works in LR 4-6. Enough of that old fashioned way of editing your photos. These Lightroom series will cover everything you need for your photo editing.

It works to your advantage though if you know what type of tools to use for your photos. Even if you know how to incorporate an artsy feel on your photo if you don’t have the right tools for it, you still fall short of your objective of creating something artsy for your photos. So it pays to have Lightroom with you always.

Download any of these series now and start using it with your photos. And you will find it a joy and experience to be able to see the transformation of your photos from a mediocre one into a kind of masterpiece worth viewing in the first place.

Easy Image Editing with Lightroom  

  • Interesting facts about Lightroom’s editing tools
  • Easy photo editing with equally easy tools to handle
  • Photo editing with a filing system for your pictures

Photo editing is a thing for photographers. Only professional photographers are capable of editing photos with finesse. An ordinary photo enthusiast is not equipped at all when it comes to photo editing, much less in handling the tools when enhancing these photos.

That all changed when Lightroom was introduced as a photo editing partner. With Lightroom, anybody who is artsy enough, and with the appropriate Lightroom tool, is more than capable of producing quality photos like that of a seasoned photographer.


That’s Lightroom photo editing made easy for would-be photographers. This app actually levels the playing field of photo editing. A social media buff, for instance, who has the habit of posting pictures online, can be more artsy and sophisticated than a professional photographer with Lightroom

You may not need the services of a photographer anymore but you certainly need the services of photo editor, and Lightroom offers more than just editing, it has the tools also of creating effects on your photos to make it more interesting.

Examining its features though makes Lightroom ahead of the pack.

  • It allows you to add a data through its paint can tool. You can use this by way of clicking the paint can and spraying the photos you wish to add data with. All you need to do is input the data once and Lightroom will take care of the rest by applying it to your sprayed photos.
  • If you go “Quick Develop” mode, it enables you to make quick adjustments on your photos, especially the balance of black and white.
  • Lightroom also saves your original photo in its catalog. Mind you, Lightroom has its own filing system for your photos.
  • It has “heal” tools that fits fine when dragging photos, while saving them right in the middle of the editing process.
  • It also has a Photomerge (see Photoshop), as well as Content Aware, and many other tools that has to do with photo editing.

Lightroom photo editing made easy for everybody. Only if you can download this app in your PC, you will find photo editing the easiest thing to do when it comes to photography. You find yourself taking more pictures in the process because the editing takes only a few minutes for you to finish.

Such a convenient way of enhancing your image online, that is, if you are fond of posting your portraits and group shots on your social media page. Just remember to enhance it with Lightroom before showing it to your friends.

Free Presets for You Photos Via Sleeklens


  • Sleeklens offers free presets
  • Presets that cover every effect you can think of from landscapes to portraits to weddings
  • You can also purchase additional presets and save more than $300

Pictures indeed convey a thousand words. No matter how simple that picture is, it carries a lot of meaning still, the circumstances that go when that picture was taken as well the emotions involved in it. But what if that photo is enhanced with the latest technology, would it still convey the same meaning? Or does it carry another level of meaning to it?

But when these Lightroom presets can into the scene, pictures do take on a different feel. Ordinary photo enthusiasts can now enjoy the privileges of having Lightroom as their photo-enhancing app because it allows them to present their pictures more vividly and with finesse.


This is where Sleeklens come in. We offer a bundle of presets for your total photo experience, because we offer products that suits your personality, which is reflected on the kind of enhancement you want with your photos (also see Sleeklens section of free Lightroom presets).

It has a collection of presets that cover all the desired effects you want with your photos. For every effect you can think of, Sleeklens has it for you. You can also add additional presets with a price and save more than $300 and add it to your cart. But let us take a cursory look at some of our best presets we can offer for your photos.

  • “Film Atmosphere” – It is a privilege to be able to recreate film effects on your photo. This allows you to present photos with a more dynamic feel, more alive and interactive than the usual static images you have come to associate pictures with.
  • “Landscape Vista” – If you are into panoramic views, then this is what we offer for you. This preset enables you to enhance your landscape setting as if you are a part of the scene. The warmth of summer and the coldness of winter are all part of the effects that “Landscape Vista” can do.
  • “Wedding Beauty” – One of the most important events in your life should have a corresponding preset to it. We cover every photo concept you might have with your wedding photos for you to reminisce it immediately after saying “I do”.
  • “Food Flux” – Posting favorite cuisines has become a regular scene online, especially on social media. And what better way of enhancing its sumptuous look than by enhancing with Sleeklens’ “Food Flux”

These are some of the many presets Sleeklens have for your photo imagess (see Sleeklens section of free Lightroom presets). So don’t waste time anymore and download these presets for your photos and for your total viewing pleasure afterwards. That is how meaningful Sleeklens is for your photos. Please check out the video below and learn how to make a preset.

Putting “Actions” on Photos via Photoshop

  • 5 of the best Photoshop actions online free
  • Incorporating a more interactive feel on your photos
  • Easy download with an equal tool to use

Tired of looking at ordinary photos? Well, you’re not alone. It’s about time for you to look for ways of improving the quality of photos you plan on posting for your social media page. If you haven’t heard of Photoshop actions yet, this is your lucky day, because it is the solution for the development of your ordinary photos.

Photoshop has since introduced these “actions” as an indispensable ingredient of producing quality photos. It is your photo enhancing solution that gives an interactive feel on your photos; making it more involved and lifelike at times.


And the best thing about it is that there are a lot of free Photoshop actions on the web. These free Photoshop actions do have the same quality output as those with a price. A quick look at these Photoshop actions will show you how awesome they are on your photos.

  • “Hazy Afternoon” – If you want that dreamy look on your photo, this Photoshop action can deliver it for you. With that soft gradient color, you increase the intensity of the picture’s atmosphere by adding that misty effect on it.
  • “Blue Evening” – Trying to create that sinister effect? This “Blue Evening” Photoshop action exaggerates it even more. Creating that mysterious feel oftentimes generate more like online, especially when it catches people’s attention.
  • “Sun Kissed” – On the other side though, if you want to create a more good feel vibe on your photo, this particular Photoshop action throws a kind of sunny flare on it. You’ll look at these photos as if the lights just passed through a soft curtain.
  • “Pencil Draw” – For that artistic vein of yours, like drawing and sketching, this is the perfect Photoshop action for you. It highlights edges of your images as if from an artist’s canvass. You can even convert images with color into a black and white masterpiece.
  • “HDR Action” – By far one of the most prolific among Photoshop actions because it creates multiple atmospheric effects on your photo. From its original tone to light to normal to heavy, this Photoshop action changes the mood of your picture quickly while retaining its natural beauty.

These are among the best free Photoshop actions online. As the saying goes, “You are only limited by your imagination,” but these actions will flesh out what you have in mind with your photos. It’s just a matter of determining the right action for it.

So the next time you wander online, check out these free Photoshop actions and lodge it in your gadget or PC, so you will always have the best photo every you post it online.